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Russell Horning Backpack Kid - Local Gwinnett Parks Foundation

Backpack Kid Shows Support of Local Gwinnett Parks Foundation

Russell Horning, or Backpack Kid as he’s known to his fans, is a regular contributor to and supporter of charities, fundraisers, and community events. He supports many local Georgia outreaches including the Gwinnett Parks Foundation where he raises awareness of programs such as swim lessons for needy children.


Russell Horning & Katy Perry Selfie
Russell Horning & Katy Perry Selfie

Backpack Kid is a motivational speaker who makes guest appearances across the country as well as frequent posts and Instagram uploads for his fans. He has over two million followers who he regularly encourages to respect one another and follow their dreams to the fullest. He’s a teenage success story at just 17 years old today who’s already performed on nationally-syndicated television shows alongside superstars like Katy Perry.


While building his fame, Backpack Kid is mindful to spend time giving back to his community and encouraging others to do so, whether in person or through viral media. He’s already made a fair share of guest appearances and rallied support for various charities and outreaches. Backpack Kid appeared at schools that lack funding and handed out backpacks full of supplies in partnership with local fundraisers. He’s spoken at Zumba conferences and has been invited to perform his iconic choreography on a range of professional stages (such as Georgia’s legendary UniverSoul Circus).


Backpack Kid has even supported auctions by donating personal memorabilia to raise funds for their causes. In his time giving back, he’s careful to give support to those places and organizations that helped him get to where he is today. For instance, he had his start in performing with the Aurora Theatre.


His fame has extended across the country and around the world, and he travels to show support of his broader audience. However, a resident of Gwinnett County, Backpack Kid is a frequent contributor to local Georgia charities including the Gwinnett Parks Foundation.  


The foundation was made official in 2001 with a mission to improve the quality of life for all its citizens by working in cooperation with Gwinnett County Parks & Recreation, private citizens, businesses, foundations, and the Gwinnett County Government. Because Gwinnett County has steadily seen growth and expansion in recent years, the foundation helps ensure that all citizens have equal access to community events and support.


Backpack Kid gets involved by helping raise awareness of and funds for the community through Gwinnett County, which supports swim lessons, youth sports programs, camps, 5k races, and other events especially catered to children, teenagers, and senior citizens.


In addition to his work with the Gwinnett Parks Foundation, Backpack Kid is an all-around positive example to his millions of fans, encouraging them to end racism and support their communities. Though he’s busy with school, performances, and his debut album, Backpack Kid Russell Horning spreads positivity and charity at every chance he gets.

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