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Backpack Kid Set to Make Guest Appearance at 2019 RKDS Film Fest

Backpack Kid Russell Horning’s fame exploded nearly overnight, his flossing dance becoming an international sensation after gaining attention from top celebrities. Since rising in popularity, he has been asked to make guest appearances across the country where he shows off his moves and spreads solidarity among youth.


Russell Horning
Russell Horning

It’s been a while since internet browsers and SNL viewers had their first dose of Backpack Kid Russell Horning’s legendary flossing dance, and his fame continues to grow around the world. Since performing alongside pop superstar Katy Perry, Backpack Kid has choreographed new dances, dropped his first album, and collected millions of subscribers online.


Backpack Kid keeps busy expanding his celebrity with new projects and online videos in addition to completing school and making guest appearances at shows, events, and concerts. He’s performed alongside talent in the UniverSoul Circus and got involved in a number of charity walks and auctions. He’s an activist against racism and a supporter of the arts using his online platforms to encourage fans to pursue their dreams.


Recently, Backpack Kid was tapped on the shoulder to appear at the RKDS Film Fest. It’s a huge honor, especially considering that last year’s headlining guest at the festival was the late Hollywood legend, Burt Reynolds.


The RKDS Film Fest had its inaugural appearance in Southern Georgia last year where it focused on highlighting talent from the local film industry. The mission of the festival is to grow interested, awareness, and recognition of the Georgia film industry by showcasing the best film produced in the area. According to the festival leaders, Georgia ranks above California and New York as the number one state for the film in the nation, and they intend to showcase the best talent the state has to offer during RKDS.


The festival is run by RKDS Entertainment & Media, LLC, which is a major force in the Georgia film industry seeking to expand its reach by creating more films, showcasing top talent, and inviting more individuals to film in the area. The RKDS group explain that the film festival was born from two main focuses: their love of film and their love of South Georgia.


To boost their clout and draw more attendees, the RKDS Film Fest invites special guests like Backpack Kid Russell Horning to make appearances and support the local arts. Previously, actor Burt Reynolds made an appearance at last year’s three-day event as well as actress Simone Griffeth and actor Ricky Schroder.


The 2019 RKDS Film Fest is expected to take place July 11-14 at the Mathis City Auditorium, with the aim to put Valdosta and South Georgia on the map for the film industry. Across three days, the festival will present 10 films with ties to South Georgia. The producer of the documentary 11 Days and a Wake-Up will premiere his film at RKDS, presenting his work for the first time to South Georgia attendees.


In response to Georgia’s lack of recognition as a critical force in the film, the RKDS Director had this to say:


“I wanted to come up with something to change that and I thought the only way to do it highlights the area, the filmmaking in the area, and what better way of doing it than bringing in megastars?” said RKDS Film Fest Director Roy Kirkland.


And what better star to feature at the festival than the locally-raised and internationally-recognized Backpack Kid whose videos inspire a generation?


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